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You deserve the luxury lifestyle. You’ll find it in Arizona.
You know luxury lifestyle. You know how it feels to live surrounded by beauty, safely tucked away in a robust, active community that has as many possibilities as there are stars in the sky. That’s why people come to Arizona: to transform their everyday life into their luxury lifestyle…complete with culture, nature and plenty of outdoor activities.
Create your lifestyle…daily. Do you prefer the laid back or active lifestyle? Both? The luxury lifestyle gives you the chance to choose relaxation or outdoor activities every day. Maybe on Monday you feel like getting your heart pumping on a bike ride and then dancing the night away. Perhaps Tuesday you prefer to stroll leisurely and window shop before having a cocktail on your patio during the sunset. Wednesday you’ll catch the latest Broadway tour; Thursday you’ll head for the mountains to ski and Friday you’ll take a day trip to Phoenix. You make your luxury lifestyle new each and every day.
Diverse communities. Arizona welcomes folks of all ages, from families to college kids to retirees. Families enjoy great school systems and plenty of family-oriented activities. College kids get a solid education at top-rated universities, while also taking advantage of an active nightlife. Retirees appreciate the perfect year-round weather, top-notch golf courses and several easy-to-get-to travel destinations.
Year-round outdoor active lifestyle. With over 300 days of perfect weather, most Arizona residents spend more time communing with nature than sitting in front of the TV. From the mountains to the lakes, there’s an endless supply of outdoor activities to enjoy. Use your sneakers, bikes or ATVs on various trails. Take your kids to a beautiful park or lake or even the zoo. More adventurous? Hop on a jeep, boat, hot air balloon or river raft. Heck, climb a rock wall or jump out of a plane! There’s simply no excuse to be inside – so get out there!
Health & wellness. It’s impossible to have all that outdoor activity at your fingertips and not be health conscious. An organic, natural result of constant physical activity is not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind and spirit too. When you have an active lifestyle, it’s even more important to treat yourself to a full, indulgent day at one of Arizona’s serene spas.
Gateway to major cities. No matter where you choose to reside in Arizona, you’re centrally located to some of the most spectacular cities in the United States. The famous peaceful canyons of Sedona are only an hour away from our major cities. In the winter, the ski slopes are equally close. If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, it’s a nearby experience you have to have. Hop a plane to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco or Mexico for an exciting weekend away.
Cultural choices: When you’re not climbing a mountain or hiking a trail, there are a myriad of local events and entertainment venues available to you. Go see the Suns clobber the Lakers. Lay on the grass while watching an outdoor concert. See the latest Broadway touring show. Take in some top headliner entertainment. Maybe it’s NASCAR season. The choice is yours.
Make your lifestyle truly yours; call   Luxury Real Estate today.
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