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Custom-tailored service fits your luxury real estate needs like a fine suit.
As a full service luxury real estate firm, we put our clients first. We’re not going to try to talk you into a property or a buyer that doesn’t suit you. We believe that you know what you want…and we believe that we know how to get you what you want. Your job is to dream your biggest dream and our job is to make it a reality.
The Arizona Luxury Real Estate Process
We listen. Our clients are the most savvy, well-informed folks we know. That’s why the first thing we do as Luxury Realtors is shut our mouths and open our ears. Tell us everything you’re looking for in a new home or a buyer. Want a home with a 6-car garage, sports court and outdoor bar and grill located in the finest neighborhood of Paradise Valley or North Scottsdale? Tell us. Need a gym on the first floor and a patio on the second? Tell us. Want our upfront Luxury Seller Professional Screening to ensure you’re dealing with a qualified buyer? Tell us. We want to know what you want so we can make it happen.
We create custom-tailored strategies. Once we’ve got a crystal clear picture of your dream home or buyer, then we put our 25 years of sales & marketing training to work. For our sellers, we build a solid strategy that includes multiple technological avenues to reach your specific target market. For our buyers, we make sure everything’s in place so when we find your luxury dream home, you’re ready to grab it quickly.
We implement. Our full force, full time commitment combined with advanced technological expertise means we’ve got our eye on the prize 24 hours a day. Our E-Pro full service realtors reach out through MLS, social media and other cutting-edge technologies to market properties to the right interested parties. For our real estate buyers, we scour online, print and in-person visits to find the home you see in your head. Our Luxury Buyer Preview Program means we pre-visit properties so you don’t have to waste your time with the ones that don’t meet your requirements.
We succeed. Our hard work as Luxury Realtors pays off. You sell your home for a handsome price or you find the luxury real estate you’ve been envisioning for years. Either way, we rejoice!
If you’re ready to get started or if there are any other real estate needs/questions we can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact us: 
Arizona Luxury Real Estate
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